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LiveCare : Chicken

Be healthy like fluttering birds


Improve poultry production through biometric data collection

'LiveCare Chicken Edition' in a form of wearable ankle band using sensors to track your flocks for any sign of illness or unusual behaviours. 

Synchronyzed with all elements of

Smart farm

Measuring  the floor temperature of the poultry house in addition to the air-temperature, as a basis of AI analysis fully integrated into smart farming system. This ensures the optimum condition for chickens with automated corrective and preventive actions, such as to turning on exhaust fans.  

24 Hours


 24/7 remote monitoring from the individual chicken to the house environment  that links to other smart farming system. This automatic monitor and control system also contributes from a human welfare standpoint.     


​No constraints on activities!

The Chicken Edition ankle band simultaneously gathers the core body temperature and the environment temperature .  LiveCare's AI system uses this data to detect any inbalance in poultry houses, and to make auto adjustments in the house environment to maintain optimum temperature for your flocks. 

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For healthier chicken 

​Tracking chickens' natural behaviours, such as foraging, pecking, scratching and dust-bathing. The Chicken edition enables individualized monitoring for better care. 

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New Mission

Based on the multiyear experience in providing solutions to ruminant production, LiveCare now steps forwards to the poultry market. 

The Chicken Edition is integrated with all elements of smart farming system in order to maintain healthy chicken production.

LiveCare services starting from broiler to layer are useful for breeder in future. it is our mission to aid in livestock production in a more efficient and sustainable way.


LiveCare for broiler flock management

with recyclable 'ankle band' 


Efficient Management

Individual real-time biometric data tracking is essential for healthy flocks.

Smart Farming System

Fully integrated with other smart farming system in regulating the climate in the house including ventilation and temperature.

Semipermanent Usage

​The wearable ankle band is free from moisture damage or other external factors. The band can be used upto 6months once fully charged.

Pandemic Early Detection

LiveCare's AI system developed from the multitudinous livestock data that can contributes to reduce outbreaks of bird flu and foodborne illnesses.


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